Stupid Speaker Went Abroad #part1

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Like the other dreams, I just can’t believe it until now. It’s done. Became speaker on Google International event is my dream. maybe it’s too high, so I categorized it as a dream. Because I’m not so good at English. I got 5 on IELTS conversation, my grammar is terrible, I couldn’t even finish my sentence correctly, and I have anxiety. Bruh, you must be kidding put me into international event speaking–and It’s Google.

It started several months ago when I and my team encouraged to write an abstract to be submitted for Google event. almost every person write the abstract, some write more than one. For me, it just like an ad-hoc request. So, I wrote the abstract about what could be my project in the future, “Streaming Data Aggregation”. It’s basically just joined the streaming data with lookup (batch) data. The output from that process will give us the most denormalized data which can be used by any data analyst to get insight. If the data is contained Streaming data, it would be a perfect example for real-time insight. Well, I wrote my¬†abstract about a day before the deadline. I don’t have much time to correct my grammar, just checked to google and submitted it before the due date. that’s all.

After that, my team has a big opportunity to pair with Google Cloud SEA team. The goal is to create streaming data processing using Apache Beam and Dataflow as a runner. Wow, it’s just like what I wrote before and I hope I can make it. It’s for several months, we did a pair in Indonesia (Jakarta) and Singapore as well. Finally, we have a pipeline that can run for our streaming data, so at that time, we have real-time data processing. It’s nice.

About almost end of the pair program, I got an opportunity to talk in Google Onboard Jakarta. It’s such a nice opportunity because I want to train myself to talk in front of people and defeat my anxiety. Well, the Google team told me it’s just a basic event for a non-expert, so I think I was good at the moment. However, I got information that the audience about a thousand people and some of them are CTO or VP from many companies. Well, here we go my anxiety.

Luckily, I can present it with Bahasa, because Google team said it’s more “locally”. Well, lucky for me.

Not so long time from that event, one of Google team contacted me and give me “Congrats” about a talk. But it’s not congratulation about the previous event, it’s Google Next. I didn’t believe him at the moment, because I hadn’t get the invitation letter in a mail. About one month later, another Google member told me that my name seems available for Google Next 18 speaker. again, I thought he was joking, but when he told that another name could be invited to Next 18 talk, I took the information more seriously.


Damn, it’s about 2 months to go and I don’t know how to start. what should I talk, what must I prepared, and how I go there, then I got stressed for something haven’t happened.

The first thing I did was contacting my talk-partner, “Anand” PM of Dataflow. Wow, he must be a very important person, PM-ing something big, called Dataflow. after that, we had a chat and he told me that our talk wouldn’t be like a panel, but regular talk divide by two, him as Dataflow presenter, and me as Dataflow user. seems good.

Second thing, I was looking for the use cases that can fit the subject and absolutely I couldn’t use any current project, because it includes the company’s credentials. Fortunately, I got one subject and then do a research for it and create the pipeline.

I spent most of the time creating the pipeline. like the other research, it had some difficulties.¬† Most of them because of the throughput of the data, it’s huge and I had no idea how to handle it at the moment.

It’s getting closer, about 1 month remaining. I already finish my pipeline, even though it’s not perfect, but I think it’s okay to be presented. But, hey, I haven’t learned how to speak English. I should spend my time mostly on my talk preparation, not the pipeline research itself.

I created a narration for my talk, did some change for the slide, asked another Google team about the slide and did some rehearsal with them. And…it’s getting closer, 2 weeks to go. I have no idea how I can get this through.

I gave up my current project with my team just to focus on this event, for 15 minutes talk.

Went to San Francisco, California. Attending Google Cloud Event. It was a big event. I met many people from many countries. Many partner companies boots as well and almost all of them gave stuff for free (from T-shirt until sticker). Of course, I collected them. Then I have to pay with different currency–I have to let them approach me later for using their product.

I spent the entire week to revise slide, meeting with my partner, learned great presentation tricks from master Johannes Alexander. I couldn’t even make it good even I have an only half a day to prepare.

My first thing thought when I came to the presentation room like, “Damn, it’s bigger than expected. I wish it could smaller than this.” From the participant list, I can see some CTO/CEO from some other companies, senior engineer, and many awesome profiles.

Well, I did my speech at the moment just enough to not be fired by my boss. Got blank several times, didn’t know what to say, incorrect grammar, and so on. haha….

How do you feel when you already accomplished the big things? like a final presentation for your thesis? Relieved right? well, not for me. I kept thinking that my presentation should be better, I thought about what should and shouldn’t be happened on the stage, and yes–the anxiety still comes after. I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours straight, kept thinking about it.

After that, I got a bunch connection request from LinkedIn (until two thousand and keep counting) and some of them give me a job opportunity. But sadly, I have to refuse. Because at this moment, I think my current company is still the best company in Indonesia who can give me such an opportunity to be here in San Francisco and speak about what we’ve done.

Thank you Gojek.


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