Pragmatic Teams

There are some of pragmatic technique which can help people in team to work better.

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No Broken Windows
When there’s a broken window inside the team. Maybe there is an unfinished project or a bug which mirror the quality team issue, any member team who knows that should speak up to repair it as soon as possible to fix the broken window. All of the team members should not tolerate broken windows. Even small imperfection should be fixed. Best quality product came from each member.

Boiled Frogs
Maybe people think that everything is fine until PM said not fine. PM will make sure everything is fine, but no. It’s an assumption. Member of a group assumes that PM will handle the issue. If you have to speak when something is begin to direct in the wrong direction, you have to speak up and fight.

Communication is not part of the PM only. everyone inside the team should speak up and communicate as well. There will be so much information loss when everyone relies on PM to deliver the message from programmer to business user and vice versa.

Make sure any member of the group has a chance to talk in a small forum or meeting with business user and let them speak to make them feel important.

Don’t Repeat Yourself
Have you ever found that one of your team creates the same module of a project same with another member by accident even there’s a scope of work for each member? Having a project librarian is necessary to make sure there is no member who repeats another member works. If it’s already created by one member, then another member can just use it.

There are different meaning about orthogonality in a team. Orthogonality doesn’t mean that every member should isolate and do their work in a box without communication to the others.

Organize Around Functionality, Not Job Functions.  Analysis, code, design, and test couldn’t be done in isolation. 

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