Pragmatic Programmer — Take Responsibility


When code is already on production, then the coder see something unusual, maybe small bugs. Maybe it doesn’t affect much to the user, just a slight things the user won’t recognize. But hey, then after several period, the user find another bugs, and the other user find another, and so on. There’s something happened inside the code. When the coder sees the code after too many complains, it revealed that there’s a bad code inside which then creates a domino effect which affect another aspect of the code until it found by user. So, when the coder find a bug, could be small, she/he must take care of it and patch it as soon as possible. Because if its not, it could be massive problem in the next day.

How many times happened when someone in the previous have a code which long time enough in repository and already deployed to the production then new guy comes in and assigned to take over the project and then he/she finds many bugs inside the code? Some of previous coder maybe will say, “Oh, it’s because the other team …. and then the PM …. and then ….”. Well, have a responsible for our code is a coder etiquette. Don’t make excuse for something you code. If it’s bad, then say it’s bad and please kindly help to fix.

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