Now, I will tell you how to “catch” a WiFi signal with long range.Maybe your apartment far from Hotspot Wifi, so you cant access the web with free from charge. Wajanbolic can access the access point almost 1 km. very nice, huh?
The method how to make the Wajanbolic is declare by Onno W. Purbo.

1. Pan with rather big diameter.
2. PVC pipe 30 cm
3. The lid of the PVC pipe 1 pair
4. N female connector
5. Aluminum foil
6. Chopper cable
7. Bolt

How to assembly that items above?

1. Cut the PVC pipe 30 cm. After that, find the size of the feeder of the pipe. This is the formula to get value of feeder size.
a. Parabolic dish with D = x cm, d = y cm so, the distance of focus point to center dish is:
F = D^2/(16*d) =
give a mark on the feeder area.
b. Patch the aluminum foil on feeder area and in the back of the PVC lid.

2. Punch 2 holes on the pan due to strengthen the PVC pipe with use a drill.

3. Make hole on the lid of the PVC with the range same on the pan’s hole.
4. install the two lid of the PVC with the pan.

5. Patch the N connector to the copper wire and then fixed it with antenna connector on your wireless adapter.

6. please test the wifi connection and with the existing hotspot with a range of 1 km distance

source and more infomation:

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