Great Expectations


How do we deliver user expectations over the requirement? It should be the same or exceed the expectation of the user right?


Gently Exceed Your Users’ Expectations – Pragmatic Programming tip 69

Managing Expectations

What we should do when we’re in a meeting is stop the high expectancy of the user. Give the border of the program should do and shouldn’t. Don’t forget to log every conclusion in notes and email the business users. it helps to save your ass later.

The Extra Mile

Give the users more than expected, but just a little. Not too much. When you give them a too much extra mile, either your users will disagree about what you did, or your users will give you more work to do because they think it’s a great idea.

What extra mile you give them is a feature, don’t make it if it will give a problem to your program main function, because that what matters.


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