Creating Better Readme


Create a code is easy, but create good code is hard. We need to discipline and pay attention to the rules. For simple cases, before we write a single code. Make sure the skeleton of the code is already arranged.

A Readme is a text file that explains a project. It contains information that required to know by the user about the project itself
Readme is one essential file when we create a program. The first thing anyone other than us see when finding our repository, they will read the Readme first. That’s why it’s important.

There’s a way to create better Readme.

Project Description:
Make it obvious on the high level

List what your project can do especially.

If your project contains GUI, it would be great to put it in your Readme.

If your project only works in a certain context, it’s important to tell about its requirements. Make it sure it covers all the users kind (Mac/Windows/Linux/etc). If you create just for certain purposes for certain users, make it clear.

Please consider that all the users knows what to do. Just make sure the straightforward installation step is available and help them to initiate the project.

Give the exact command to run the project. Straightforward and make sure it’s easy to understand.

Make sure put your name on it so the users can contact you if there’s some problem happened.

How to Contribute
It’s always good to have other people become our groups. Give them a way how to contribute, and make sure you can manage their contribution. Review their contribution and Merge would be the way.

-16 August 2018-

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