Communication to Gather User’s Requirements


Communication is crucial when we need to meet a user to get a user’s requirement.

First, we have to know what we want to say. Better if we have a plan what we want to say. Surely, write an outline before a meeting is a good idea.
Knowing our audience is a must. In Pragmatic Programming book we can found acrostic called WISDOM:
– What do they Want?
– What is their Interest?
– How Sophisticated are they?
– How much Detail do they want?
– Who do you want to Own the information?
– How can you Motivate them to listen?

We need to choose our moment. We need to understand when our audience needs to hear our information.

Make our ideas look good. Add a good-looking ‘vehicle’ to our important ideas and engage your audience are the way to get better acceptance.

It’s better to involve our audience in our idea. Get their feedback, and pick their brains and let it flow so they can feel the journey.

Please make sure that we will be a listener. We need to encourage people to talk by asking questions.

Always get back to people and keep people informed afterward.

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